Researchers in England have recently identified an ‘adenovirus’ that they say can be caught just like a ‘cold’, except that in addition to causing you to have a sore throat and sniffles it also can cause fat cells to multiply rapidly, causing weight gain.  The infernece is that ‘obesity’ is something that you can catch, just like a cold.  Read the article here.

Before I start ranting against people I deem too lazy to live healthy who are looking for some rubbish excuse for being severly overweight…let me qualify a few things.

I’m 37, balding slowly and overweight (probably 15 pounds…I’m 5’11 and 193…I should be about 178).

When I hit 30, my metabolism slowed down noticeably and it SUCKS!

I don’t eat as good as I should and I love potato chips and soda.

I work hard to stay as little overweight as I am…play ice hockey once a week and go cycling 3 times a week for a minimum of an hour at a time.

All this to say…I’m not some rail  thin, eat anything, don’t need to exercise arrogant ass who looks down his nose at anyone who is slightly overweight.

But this article makes me ask a couple questions?   If obesity can be ‘caught’,  how is it obesity was never the epidemic it is in decades before?  How is creating an obesityvaccine is really a plausible solution?

All this smacks of a culture that desires to absolve people of responsibility for their actions (yes, i recognize that for some people obesity is a legitimate disease) and give the opportunity to live without concern at the least cost to the individual.