A few weeks ago, Starbucks tried to earn my respect back. For a long time they’ve been talking about they are the largest buyer of Free Trade Coffee. Not a difficult task when you have no competition…Folgers, Maxwell House etc…don’t buy any free trade coffee. No other coffee company has the buying ability that Starbucks has, but they only have one brand of free trade coffee.

Anyways, despite my frustration with Starbucks over this half-ass attempt at buying free trade coffee, they tried earning, I mean buying my respect back. I walked into a local Starbucks, to talk with an employee I know, not to buy coffee. We talked about the free trade issue that Starbucks has, and my friend Will gave me a plastic wallet thing that had a card inside that entitles me to a free tall cup of Cafe Estima Free Trade coffee every day after 2pm.


While I’m not beneath a free cup of coffee, once and a while, I can’t be bought. While I think it’s a bit of a courageous attempt by Starbucks to convince their customers to buy Estima by the bag to brew at home, it smacks more of an attempt to not loose discerning customers who are willing to sacrifice searching high and low for a decent cup of free trade coffee (coffee houses aren’t as plentiful in England…not the independant ones anyways). I’ll take my freebies, but I’m buying Union.