Apparently, somone who works for the Church of England (who currently is my employer) thinks that Youth Ministry is valuable, but not necessarily essential to the mission of the Church of England.

Mark Russell, who serves as a member of the Archbishop’s Council, recently has received a copy of a review of ministries at the national level of the CofE as part of an evaluation of spending priorities. Ministries were put into two categories: essential and valuable. In the category of valuable: national youth work, childrens ministry, and lay discipleship.

Don’t believe me? Read Mark’s blog yourself…click here.

Want all the juicy details? Read the report yourself. Click here. Actually…read it, print it out, circulate it to everyone you know in your church, whether it’s CofE or not, who cares about youth ministry, children’s ministry or discipleship training for lay people.

The recession is hurting many in ways that are still beyond measurement. Cutting budgets for these ministries may seem ‘logical’ to some in the ‘now’ in the same way that getting behind the wheel of your car after a few pints seems ‘alright’ in the now, the same way placing a bet on Middlesborough to beat ManU tomorrow seems like a good idea ‘right now’.

Cutting these budgets, because youth ministry is ‘valuable’ but not ‘essential’ to the mission of the Church of England would be nothing short of disastrous.