I follow quite a few blogs on a regular basis. Many of the ones I do follow have been listed on the Top 60 Church Blogs listing (some of the most influential thinkers in the west in terms of protestant evangelical movement) Peep the list here.

I’m no ‘celebrate every obscure rubbish historical Christian holiday or historical date’ kind of person…but Ascension Day hardly qualifies as an obscure Christian historical landmark. We mark the beginning of Lent in a big way…why not Ascension Day?ascension

The reason I even raise this, of all the blogs I read/follow/scan on a regular basis…not a single one even bothered to mention Ascension Day. Without sounding dispensational, because I’m not…it is the beginning of the age of the church…it marks the time in history where our Savior left us, left us to carry on his work with the help of the Holy Spirit, where we long for his imminent return…AND NONE OF THE PROMINENT THINKERS AND WRITERS I FOLLOW EVEN BOTHERED TO FREAKING MENTION IT!!!

The vicar or lead pastor, if that’s what you prefer, at the church where I currently serve simply stated…No one cares about Ascension Day anymore. Does no one really care?

How do we understand the commision Christ gave us without constantly remembering and commemorating the time and day that he left us physically? His departure is a poingnant reminder that we are to be his hands and his feet during his physical absence. Not constantly remembering that his commission to the disciples, to us, was immediately followed by his departure and promise of his return, leaves us in the position to think we are more than his hands and his feet (Jesus temptation to turn stones into bread…our temptation to be relevant).

How do we understand the commision Christ gave us without constantly remembering and commorating the time and day he left us physically? Not completely…and that makes me nervous.