A few weeks ago the much anticipated release of the follow-up tobruno-one-sheet Borat hit the movie theatres. You’d have to be blind or not exist to miss the adverts that adorn virtually all of the double decker buses in London of Sacha Baron Cohen’s waxed buttocks clad in ridiculous gold shorts. Yuck.

The reviews are mixed on the film and despite opening on three times as many movie screens it only took in slightly more money than Borat did. The reviews are also revealing that SBC is having to work extra hard to dupe unsuspecting americans with his humor and the results are apparently less memorable and lower quality.

While I’ve heard from a number of people who have seen the movie that while they think the rating on the movie was not restrictive enough (an edited version more suitable for 15 year olds has since been released…wow the movie industry has a bit of a conscience?), most of the people I talked with about the movie still thought it was very funny even if it wasn’t quite as good as it’s predecessor.

What does it say about us as people when we are not just smiling along painfully, amused, or even out right laughing our heads off…sorry LMAOROF…that we get such satisfaction and good times out of humor that is based solely on someone else’s ignorance? People say sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, but could it be that the humor that SBC employs is even lower? Humor that is really only funny when someone is duped, manipulated to look stupid and plays on the emotions and reactions of people who do not know what is going on is the best way to get a laugh these days? The cheapest and easiest I suppose.

I won’t even bother to quote scripture on this one…it’s pretty obvious to even the most consumeristic sunday Christian that this humor and even the appreciation and participation in it isn’t consistent with the teachings of Jesus. I’ll bet that even people who aren’t Christians and even the most blantant atheists can tell you that they see the incosistency of this with what the Bible says.

I don’t want to come off as one of ‘those’ Christians either. You know the type…the kind that sound righteous and holy, but seem to be more motivated by a fear of culture than anything…don’t watch it unless it Christian, don’t read it unless it’s Christian, don’t listen to it unless it’s Christian, and don’t educate our kids in a public school because that’s the den of Satan…no, i’m not that way at all. But where do we draw the line in regards to the kind of humor that we’ll enjoy? Where do we draw the line in regards to what we teach our own kids and in my case, kids in the youth ministry that I lead, about what is good humor, good culture and what is worth paying money to watch? For me the line is somewhere well behind SBC.