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If the Cool Hunter was a cyclist you know this bit of beauty would be on his blog.


The Truvativ Stylo OCT crank is sick! And maybe this obscene retro craze everyone is going through is rubbing off on me as I really do dig the color scheme on these bad boys. Too bad it will not be going to production and will only be made in limited run.


I found this really cool piece of artwork online today.


I think the person who created it is trying to be ‘ironic’ and make a critique on Christianity.

Yet I see this image and I am struck by the freedom that comes from ‘submitting’ to someone greater than yourself…and I’m also struck by the incompatibility of this kind of ‘freedom’ with the world’s understanding with ‘freedom’…which isn’t what it seems either.

I’m also left with the question, ‘Am I doing what the empty cross is telling me to do?’

I’m a big fan of Douglas Coupland, the author. His books are crazy funny and deeply insightful in regards to culture, technology, relationships and the difference between generations.

I’m re-reading Micro-Serfs, which came out in 1994…a loooooooooooooooong time ago. It’s about a group of friends who all happen to work at Microsoft and idolize Bill Gates while they sort out their lives, make meaning for themselves and try not to self-destruct.

Because it’s written in 1994 and deeply steeped in the culture at the time it’s a bit like a walk down memory lane. One paragraph in particular got me reminiscing….and wondering…

‘Then we digressed into a discussion of how the word ‘dialing’ is itself such an anachronism-a holdover from rotary phones. ‘Inputting’ would be more true. And who came up with the word ‘pound’ for the ‘#’ symbol. Wouldn’t ‘grid’ have been easier and more fun? I mean ‘pound’?
Or think of how dumb it is too say, ‘I’m going to the record store.’

It made me start wondering what things technology has made obselete that are still apart of our daily vocabulary?….technology advances far faster than language, we invent new words to keep up with technology but often don’t delete old, obsolete, archaic words from our vocabulary, as evidenced by the fact that in 2009 I still say ‘Awesome’ too much.
Whats the over/under on when Blockbuster video rental places no longer exist?

It also made me realize that I miss the experience of going to the ‘record store’ and flipping through vinyl or even CDs. Especially when the other day I was walking down Berwick Ave in Soho in London and realized that is the street where the cover art for ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ by Oasis is from. Said record shop is the red door on the left by the second street light.


Tonight on prime time TV no less, I watched coverage of the Tour Series, a national crit race series…on TV during freaking Prime Time coverage. How cool is that? This would never happen in the US…that time slot is reserved for some rubbish reality TV show…that people can’t live without.


Read the full coverage here.


While surfing today on The Cool Hunter blog I found out they have a sister website/blog called ‘Dear God, Hear Us One Prayer At A Time.’

Of course, it piqued my curiosity and I clicked over to take a look. What I found was an amazing website where people, regardless of faith, could anonymously post any prayer request they like. They are sorted into categories, with accompanying artwork, ranging from health, stress, work, sex, joy, to beliefs. The prayer requests, even though from anonymous people are heart rending and joyful.

What is equally intriguing is the comments made by others in response to the prayer requests. They are deeply insightful, encouraging and inspiring. I have not seen anything so creative, inspiring and thought provoking from anyone in the Christian community (the website disclaimer says that the creators do not belong to a specific church or denomination). Check it out and let me know what you think.


Perhaps the coolest bookshelf I have ever seen.

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