Walmart has been asking Green Day to do a ‘Radio Edit’ copy of their latest album ’21st Century Breakdown’.greenday

“Wal-Mart said that it’s the company’s long-standing policy not to stock any CD with a parental advisory sticker.”

“As with all music, it is up to the artist or label to decide if they want to market different variations of an album to sell, including a version that would remove a PA rating,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa O’Brien said. “The label and artist in this case have decided not to do so, so we unfortunately can not offer the CD.”

Which begs at least one question…’How do they sell any rap CDs?’

And I don’t know…begs I guess another question…’Given the nature of music in the 21st century, given the nature and power of iTunes and the MP3, given that the Black Eye Peas new album comes out soon (one version of the new album is available exclusively at Target…LOL Walmart) also and is trying to revinvent the idea of the CD and the album, given all of these things…who even buys CDs anymore?’

Sounds like Walmart is experiencing it’s own ’21st Century Breakdown’.

Read the whole story here.

Check out this new song by a group called Rex The Dog.  The song is called Bubblicious and it’s from the their album ‘The Rex The Dog Show’.  I saw the video and was a bit skeptical…seemed to be a clever video that would make a mediocre song better…but then I head them sample Yaz! going way back to the 80s…needless to say I quite enjoyed it.