Some concept cars are cool…others just look ridiculous.

Let me count the ways:

1) The rims look mental…and not in a good way.

2)The ‘tribal’ graphics are so ‘frat boy gets an armband tattoo lame.

3) The thing looks like a kidnapper van…more windows please.

4) Ohhhhhhh…a compartment for all my scuba gear…huh?

5) Yellow tinted windows?  Ahhhh, so I don’t have to wear sun glasses in the car.  Plus, it’s more fun when everyone outside your vehicle looks jaundiced.

6) I think it’s trying to be a pimped out post-modern VW bus for teched out hippies…have they learned nothing from ‘New Coke’ or even ‘Coke Classic’?  You can’t re-invent the original and the best.

Please Jesus, let this car remain a concept that people recognize as being more Frankenstein than….something worth buying.