I will admit to in the past being somewhat a fan of Robbie Williams. My appreciation of Robbie and his music was also without knowledge of his previous affiliation with ‘Take That’…whoops. Songs like ‘Let Me Entertain You’ and ‘Jesus In A Camper Van’ just had an energy and attitude and spiritual curosity that at the time that I could appreciate.

In the last month, Mr. Williams has again burst onto the scene here inrobbie_williams-bodies-300x300 the UK with his new single ‘Bodies’ (even showcasing it on the UK hit show ‘The X Factor’ and I can say with certainty that there is very little appreciation for his effort from me this time around. Lyrically, Mr. Williams again ventures into the spiritual in a very ambigious but curious way, leaving the listener wondering and bit confused about what Robbie actually things about Christ’s death: do you think he died for you and me Robbie? Make up your mind on what you think. But it’s not the lyrics or the sound that makes my stomach turn with this song…it’s Robbie himself. Watch the video and see if you see the same thing….

1) You think wearing that motorcycle helmet and popping a wheelie on a dirt bike makes you a badass? Huh? (1:00 in the video)
2) At the 3:00 minute mark you sing standing on the wing of a plane, how do you spell cliche? and you include the lyric ‘We all just want to look good naked’ and at this point in the video you lift your arm in the air and we see your stomach and I vomit into my mouth.
3) 3:19…you rip off Jay-Z with the played out ‘wipe the dust off my shoulder move’? Huh?
4) The dance moves you employ, particularily at 3:25, 3:39, and 3:47 should never ever be done in public…only ever in front of your bathroom mirror…and only before a shower, because after those horrid dance moves you need a shower…filthy.
5) Your little finger wag at 3:53 should only be used by the viewer of this video to chastise you for making such a pathetic video for a very mediocre song.

drumsAs for a song I love…Let’s hear it for Drums of Death aka Colin and the new song ‘Got Yr Thing’. While the slightly morbid and childish face paint isn’t my thing…the song is. Check it:

The beats have an old skool intensity that makes me want to turn it up and jump up and down. It’s also electro without the polish, without the shine…definitely has a bit of a grimey feel to it that is a bit infectious.