I found this beautiful and poingnant image online. It may sound odd to say that an image where the word ‘Sin’ appears is somehow beautiful. But I find the beauty in the truth that this image proclaims.

When I saw this picture what it said to me is that Sin, or the acts that make it up, at first are like bright lights. They give the appearance of illuminating the darkness because they seem to give us what we want. The lights attract us, draw us in, mesmerize us.

However, after trying, taking, participating, staring into this light we quickly find it hollow, disappointing and their brightness fades. And what once drew us in is discarded to the junk pile until something new can be found to draw us in, tempt us or to defeat us.

The other story this image tells us is about a new life that we can have. That when we surrender to Christ, lay our life before him, and become less so that he can become more (John 3:30), the bright lights, the glitz, the lure of Sin has no more power over us and is forever banished, has no control over us and is banished to the junk heap where it is left to rust until it is no more.