I used to be frustrated that so little documentation of Jesus last 40 days was included in the gospels.  How and why is  there so little documentation of what must have been an amazing 40 days of teaching, conversations, growth and transformation.

This morning I was reading John 16:17-33 on the way to work.  A number of things struck me about this very  amazing passage of scripture.

First, Jesus spends plenty of the passage speaking figuratively (using the analogy of a woman giving birth to explain what the disciples will go through) and what is remarkable is after a full ministry of Jesus speaking figuratively in parables, the disciples suddenly claim to understand him and tell him he is finally speaking clearly vs. 29.  What am I missing here?  The disciples are so fickle and so confounding.

Second, Jesus in verse 25 also says, there is a time coming where he will no longer speak figuratively, but will speak plainly to them about the Father.  This seems to be a fairly obvious reference to the 40 days he spent teaching them after His resurrection.  How amazing, enlightening, transforming it would have been to sit at his feet during those days.

I often wonder why the gospel authors didn’t include transcipts of these teachings in their gospels.  I think it’s mostly because Jesus, through his use of methaphor, analogy, and vagueness wants his listeners to struggle with what He is to them, what His grace is to them, what His love is to them.  His use of parable was to make the listener pursue, to long for understanding.  He often told the recipients of his miracles to not tell anyone, because he didn’t want to be known as a magician, but as a transformer of the heart and the body.

Part of me is profoundly frustrated that descriptions of these moments, teachings and revelations after his resurrection and before his ascension are not included in the gospels…but I understand why they aren’t.  They aren’t, so that I will be as I am…waiting in deep expectation to hear Jesus speak plainly of His Father in Heaven when we are again reunited.