Back in March when they announced the dates for U2’s European 360U2360-Tourlogo-white for their ‘No Line On The Horizon’ album, I wanted to do anything I could to go…and to take my whole family. At that point, only the cost deturred me from buying tickets.

There is no doubt, by reading the reviews of the concerts, Dublin in particular, that I will miss a great show. But judging by the reviews…I’m more than glad I’m not going. It seems to me that U2 are returning to their PopMart tour ways and enjoying too much of a good thing.

Their stage show involves 4 ‘lobster claw’ like contraptions which each cost and stands over 10 stories tall. Each one of the 4 lobster claws holds a stadium size sound system…so 4 sounds system for each stadium. The tour has 3 claw systems that each cost $140 million…each!!! The stage takes an entire week to set up at each venue and takes about 100 semi-trucks to transport.

bonoAP_450x250The financial commitment to such a production is astounding and I’m sure will generate immense profit…but is hard to swallow when out of the other side of Bono’s mouth we constantly hear the message of ‘ending poverty forever’. Not to mention the immense carbon footprint that 100 semi-trucks…3 teams of 100 semi-trucks…must leave. Their three dates in Dublin in the last few weeks also marked the first ever ‘non-sellout crowds’ there since 1980 due to high ticket prices and double-digit unemployment rates in Ireland. Does the world’s most socially conscious band suddenly become socially unconscious when they go on tour?